Creative Writing in the Upper Primary School

I am a Primary Teacher who has taught for over 10 years and I now work at the Teacher Learning Network as a Project officer. I have a passion for writing, particularly since 2010 when I wanted to develop myself as a writer and as a teacher of writing.

 How we can implement Creative writing in the Senior School

·         The Writers Notebook

The Writer’s Notebook is a launching pad for writing and place for collecting ‘seeds’ (writing ideas). Searching for and identifying pictures, drawings, lists, memories, wonderings,  photos and things that are individually relevant. In Junior grades, introducing a whole class Writer’s Notebook or in Year One and Two starting to develop their own notebook. In Senior grades, students have their own notebook they can treasure.

·         Give students Creative Writing time

Give students thinking time, planning and elaborating on their inspirational writing ideas. Harnessing their excitement and encouraging entries by discussing, sharing and supporting them through the process with their newly acquired ideas.

·         Teach writing craft strategies

As students are writing their own piece- explicitly teach writing craft strategies that                    they can place into their work  such as lift a line, show don’t tell, developing vocabulary.

My Tips for you:

·         Start your own Writer’s Notebook- collecting ideas, adding entries with different classes and sharing these with students. They will be connecting with you personally and with your writing. It is also adding to the collection of writing resources. 

·         Adding writing ideas, story starters and visual prompts into your ‘Bag of Tricks’

Links that I feel will help you develop Creative Writing. – is a blog from a writing coach Alan Wright. He has a huge amount of his thoughts and ideas about writing. I go here regularly to read his posts and to search if I need. A fun website with story starters. 

Author: Kate Chinner

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