It’s morning. You’ve just received a phone call for a day’s work across town. You race to get to work on time and end up forgetting to take your lunch.

This makes you reliant on the school’s canteen. Some schools have healthy canteens, but sometimes you’re left to pick up whatever hasn’t been eaten by the students.

The recent CSIRO study surveyed 145 000 adults found on 24% of women and 15% of men were eating enough fruit and vegetables every day. You can read an ABC article on the survey here.

As a CRT, I struggled with a good diet issue. One solution I eventually found was to keep a bowl of fruit at the front door so that I could grab two pieces just as I left for work. As for veges, I would spend Sunday night cutting carrots and celery up into neat portions for the next three days into containers I could grab from the fridge on the run. In the car, I stashed a bag of almonds for emergency hunger pain situations.

The problem is that school staff rooms are havens of cakes. Somehow there always seems to be cakes around, cooked by teachers for other teachers and bypassing the healthy school rules! On the days when I’d forgotten to pack lunch, I was even more susceptible to the temptation of cake (sitting there, all gorgeous and iced, ready for immediate enjoyment… but I digress).

Okay, it’s your turn to share. What healthy eating practices do you follow and what tips have you got for ignoring the lure of staff room cakes? Write your thoughts below!

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