Physical Activity is important for everyone but particularly students in our schools. The Department is aiming for students to be doing an hour of physical activity a day in schools by 2025.

The benefits of physical activity for senior students include:

·         Promoting healthy growth and development

·         helping to establish connections between different parts of the brain

·         improving concentration and thinking skills

·         Improving balance, coordination, and strength

·         Relieving stress and promoting relaxation

·         providing opportunities to develop social skills and make friends

Even though students are already quite active, we play an important role in ensuring they get an adequate amount during the day. You can incorporate physical activities in between lessons, movement to or from specialists or a few minutes once students achieve a class reward, which is a great incentive to work for you during the day.

Some ideas for physical activity in the senior classroom include

Outside games

·         capture the flags

·         Running races

·         Kick ball

·         Sports games Basketball, netball and soccer

Inside Games

·         Silent ball

·         Rolls soft dice- each side is different action

Incorporate in learning

·         Act out stories

·         Time students running and graph the results

·         Let students stand up to work / move around room

·         Read standing up or some activity each page or 5 minutes. 

Author: Kate Chinner

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