Poor quality sleep or a lack of sleep impacts your ability to function dramatically. Adults typically need between seven to eight hours of sleep a day, and anything less than this means you are experiencing sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is serious. It can result in reduced motor dexterity but also impairment of judgement, both intellectual and emotional. You can probably easily spot the signs of it in your students, but acknowledging it in yourself is harder – after all, by the time you are in a cycle of sleep deprivation, you might not be making good assessments of your own capacity and strength.

For a CRT, sleep is critically important. If you are in a new work environment regularly, you need to be functioning at your best. The first couple of weeks in a new work environment are tiring; working out how a school functions let alone the politics of the workplace is tiring enough. Add to that teaching students and you’re in a situation where you are physically and mentally exhausted.

Sleeping in on the weekend doesn’t help either – you’re probably just giving yourself jetlag. By skimping on sleep during the week, you’re not allowing your body’s immune system to repair itself (this happens in REM). If you’re not sleeping long enough, or the quality of your sleep is poor, you might not be having enough REM cycles per night to achieve wellness.

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