Everyone deserves to be safe in their professional and personal lives – teaching staff and students.

This presentation will enable you to think about maintaining your own cyber safety and how to do this, as well as that of your students.  It will encourage you to look at the pros and cons of using social media, direct you to websites (especially the E-Safety website) where you can access classroom resources and sites where CRTs can find out more information about Social Media guidelines.

Knowledge is power; all teachers need to understand that it is important to know what’s happening behind the screen as Cyberbullying does more than hurt feelings and it can be relentless 24/7.

You will be asked to consider the types of Social Media you are familiar with; think about what schools and DET, Victoria do to prevent cyberbullying and foster cyber safety and to find out the Social Media and Communication Policies of the schools you work in.

As yourself: What can we do as a CRT? How can we avoid anyone else taking their own life as di Amy “Dolly” Everett, the face of Akubra?

Author: Karen Mackay

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