As a CRT it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint where we should pitch a lesson. If we are not the classroom teacher we have to work quickly to gather as much information as we can about our learners.  In this session we share simple methods we can use to assess students readiness to learn and prior knowledge. 

Once we are aware of the range of abilities in the room, we need to be able to think quickly on our feet to make adjustments to a lesson.  We then need to consider how to challenge each student in order for them to show growth.

Will I need to reduce the content in the lesson to maximise understanding?

Will I need to provide challenge by including higher order thinking within the success criteria?

Will I need to adjust the assessment rubric for a group of students?

These are questions teachers need to ask themselves on a daily basis.  We are constantly thinking about the learning intention of our lesson, personalised learning and support for students and classroom management.  It is no wonder we go home tired! See the following infographic.


In this session we discuss simple and effective ways to differentiate our teaching and set challenging goals for all learners.

Author: Louise Hanrahan

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