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To assist you with your movement through this website and the LMS we have created this HELP CENTRE. There are a variety of commonly asked questions below that have been addressed to try and provide fast and effective answers to questions or issues that you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The most Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers.

How much does it cost to complete PD on

Professional Development for CRT’s is completely free. The Department of Education and Training funds this project to ensure that CRTs have access to professional development designed directly to them and they have partnered with the TLN to deliver the program to Victorian CRTs.

Who are the TLN?

The TLN or Teacher Learning Network is a Company that is in charge of developing and delivering the professional development sessions for the project. If you would like to learn more about the TLN click on the link below to be redirected to their website.



I haven't received an email to activate my portal...

There are some instances where people have not received an email when they have registered for their Learning Portal. If this is the case click on the button below to be redirected to the Activation Form for your Portal.

The email i received to activate my portal doesn't work...

There are some instances where people have received an activation email from the Member365 Portal however, when they have clicked on the activation link there is a ‘failed or deal link” message. If this has happened to you click on the button below to be redirected to the Activation Form for your Portal.

The Activation Link i received has an expired token...

A token is a weblink that verifies or activates your account. There has been some instances where people have requested a token and the system has dispatched a token that has expired. If this is the case click on the button below to be redirected to the Activation Form for your Portal.


I have a new email address. Can i change my email address in my Portal?

ABSOLUTELY! If you have a new email address please DO NOT sign up for a new portal. To change your email address in your portal please follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Log into your existing portal with your old email.

Step 2 – Select ‘My Account” from the menu bar and select “My Profile” from the drop down options

Step 3 – Change your email address as shown below to the new email address.

Step 4 – Scroll to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE MY PROFILE to save the changes & your new email address.


What is a LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System and it is a online program which houses a variety of different learning resources which is accessible by participants for their learning. uses the Member365 portal which houses all the registrations for Webinars and Regional PD sessions as well as all the On Demand Learning content for our courses. Using your personalised portal you can log on to access On Demand courses, sign up for Webinars or Regional Seminars or take part in the Comprehensive Program. Your certificates of completion will also be stored in the LMS so you never have to worry about losing that evidence of completing PD. 

The following video will tour you through the LMS.

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What is the difference between Webinars & On Demand?

Webinars are on-line live presentations that audiences connect to from their homes, offices or on mobile devices. These sessions have presenters speaking to the audience and displaying their learning material with slide presentations. There is also a conversation or chat box where participants can interact with each other, share ideas and ask questions of the presenter in real time. On Demand sessions are recordings of webinars that have occurred in the past. They are courses that allow people to view and learn from webinars that they were not able to attend. The only difference between Webinars and On Demand sessions are the connectivity through the “conversation or chat” window. While the recordings show the conversation that occurred during the live webinar On Demand participants are unable to contribute to this conversation.

What is the Comprehensive Program?

The comprehensive program is a Professional Development course that provides CRT’s with an ongoing professional development course – multiple exposures to presentations on a single topic, learning tasks that deepen the learning and discussion forums where you can share experiences with colleagues. There are four comprehensive programs and they are made up of a series of Modules which contain Webinars, Learning Tasks and Discussion Forums.  

How much does the Comprehensive Program cost?

The comprehensive program is FREE to participate in, like all the professional development on the website. 


Where do I find my certificates?

Certificates of Completion are stored in your Member365 Portal. There is a link on the dashboard where you will find your certificates. Just remember that there is a 2 week processing period after you have completed a course, so if you dont find the certificate in your portal right away, that’s okay, it will be there as soon as it has been processed and developed. 

Do I get a certificate for completing a course?

YES! All courses that you complete through will earn you a Certificate of Completion that you can use as evidence for your Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Professional Development requirements for your annual registration. Completion of Webinars, On Demand Courses, Regional Seminars & the Comprehensive Courses will all earn you Certificates which will be stored in your Member365 Portal.

Do I get a certificate for attending Regional PD?

YES! like the other courses, you will earn you a Certificate of Completion that you can use as evidence for your Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Professional Development requirements for your annual registration. You will be notified at the Regional PD Seminars as to how the certificates will be distributed for your attendance.

When are certificates published?

You can access certificates for your PD in 2 different locations:

1. Certificates for Live Webinars
Certificates that are issued for your attendance at Live Webinars can be accessed through the link on your dashboard shown below. 

2. Certificates for On Demand Courses
Click on the title of the course you have just finished This can be found in the ‘Completed Courses’ table in the On Demand window. This will open up the course project window where you access the certificate for this course.

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