Performing Arts in high school

Author: Emily Paterson

Pleased to meet you, My name is Emily Paterson, a gal who has spent her life working in the performing arts both in and outside of the classroom.  I’ve met people from all walks of life and appreciate that performing arts has the ability to create the perfect childlike joy in some and strikes the upmost fear in the hearts others.   


With most things, the more we can understand a topic the more at ease we feel and the joy of Performing arts is that it lends itself to learning from each other so naturally.  If a supportive, encouraging and creative environment can be created you just never know what you can learn from the stranger sitting next to you. 


The role of the drama teacher to create that environment and together we will explore what this looks like to you, share the times we think we succeeded and lament and learn from the times we didn’t.  As casual relief teachers, it isn’t your job to have a grasp of the curriculum in all areas but have the classroom management skills to explore different areas and engage the minds of the people sitting in front of you to work it out together.  For those whom are new to performing arts it can seem rather chaotic and stressful, so how can we organise that chaos?