Engaging the Local Koorie Community in the Classrooms

Author: Lara Schendzielorz


Our ability as educators to continuously improve our practice is always at the forefront of our minds. In the midst of National Reconciliation Week it is pertinent that we are considering our effectiveness as culturally competent educators and who we are learning from and working with to develop our skill sets, particularly in relation to Indigenous education and perspectives.  One element of this is through the engagement and partnerships with local Koorie communities as well as larger educational bodies.  Do you know who your local community is? Do you know how to engage with them?


Successful engagement with Koorie communities involves developing relationships to work together towards stronger awareness, greater interaction, understanding and informed education.



Through training in cultural competence with local community perspectives it allows for authentic, relevant and true exploration of Indigenous history, education experiences and perspectives. Working with communities allows for informed discussion and development alleviating assumptions and tokenism, allowing for truly reflective and engaged learning communities.