Effective ways to model science concepts in the primary classroom

Author: David Innes

Science can be a difficult area to organise lessons in, especially if you are a CRT. Resources in this area are so varied amongst primary schools that it can be nearly impossible to organise valid science lessons on such short notice. The main objective for any primary teacher is to get students curious and to be confident enough to allow students to go in their own direction with learning. Raiding a local toy shop or finding household goods are enough to start an excellent lesson - why does a straw only penetrate a potato if you put your thumb over the end? Why do bouncy balls bounce? If you shine a light in a mirror immersed in water, why can you see a rainbow? The CRT doesn't even need to know all the answers - get students to research why. Getting students to ask "Why" and "How" will allow you a lengthy, valid and useful science lesson.