Handling challenging behaviour in the heat of the moment

Author: Dave Vinegrad

As a CRT you need to manage a range of crises without flipping out or losing your cool.  The usual advice about this includes ‘remain calm’ or ‘don’t panic’.  Reassuring to know but much, much harder to do! 

Just as you go to enjoy a break in the staff room as by some miracle you have a free period and then the daily organiser grabs you and asks if you will cover a class with no teacher. It was missed in their covers and there is no lesson plan – a relatively simple crisis to manage.

You have no classroom key and the students have got themselves into the classroom and have locked the door. Several students are grinning at you from the other side of the door enjoying this mischief. Other students are throwing chairs, upending tables and damaging posters on the wall – how do you keep your cool and manage this?


This workshop will explain what happens to our brains when we go ‘red zone’ and how to manage most behavioural issues by taking an ‘outcomes’ focus.