Overview of differentiation as defined in High Impact Teaching Strategies

Author: David Innes


Differentiation is how we can tailor our classes to meet the needs of students on all ends of the developmental scale. It is a task that seems practically impossible to do - to cater for all types of students. The first thing to do is define what it means to be able to differentiate - what does it look like or sound like? The Victorian Government's High Impact Teaching Strategies set out differentiation to be in the form of scaffolded teaching, delivering metacognitive strategies and shaping the way students collaborate. This lecture looked at the theory behind it and a brief glimpse on how curriculum, lessons and units can be structured. As a CRT, you are often at the mercy of whatever material is left by the teacher. However, if you are in the position of being able to run the class as you'd like, then start with whatever the basic premise of the lesson is and find little ways to simplify it and make it more complex.