Understanding restorative practice

Author: David Vinegrad

Restorative Practices has been around now in our schools for well over 20 years.  Some 'do it' well and some 'not so well' because it is a tricky beast to understand.  Restorative Practices is not a tool box or a set of strategies. It is a philosophy about relationships and put simply is a 'way of being' with students and colleagues. Restorative Practices is not a soft or permissive approach to classroom management it is a social science that must first be understood to get our mindset right and then practice and adapt a range of relational approaches.


Restorative Practices doesn't work with every student, no behaviour management approach does. Restorative Practices will work a lot better when we understand the values and principles that underpin what we say and what we do to build and repair relationships.