CRTs and CRT Networks

Casual Relief Teachers (CRTs) are recognised by the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) as a significant and important part of the teaching workforce.

CRTs can be engaged by schools for up to 90 continuous days at a time. They provide continuity of learning for students during normal teacher absence and enable permanent teachers to access extended professional development opportunities. CRTs can have a significant influence on students’ learning experience. DET is working in close partnership with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) and the Teacher Learning Network (TLN) to provide cohesive, statewide support for CRTs.

DET, VIT and TLN are working closely with CRT Networks across Victoria to tailor advice and professional learning to CRT needs. 


CRT Networks

DET is dedicated to working with CRT network Coordinators to identify opportunities for CRTs to participate in professional learning activities.

DET established the CRT Professional Learning Initiative to provide support for CRTs to access relevant professional learning that addresses their specific needs related to improving student learning outcomes. Details on local CRT networks can be found on the VIT website by clicking here

To provide support for CRTs to access face-to-face professional learning, DET built on the CRT network structure that was originally established by the VIT.

Teacher Learning Network has consulted extensively with CRT networks both in person and via phone/email. Many of the face to face workshops as well as the online webinars were tailored to requests made by CRT networks and the TLN thanks all involved for their extensive feedback and effort in getting the word out to many CRTs in Victoria.