Live streamed regional events

If our regional events aren't quite close enough to you, we've got good news.

We're live-streaming two of the live workshops across Victoria. This means that even if you can't get to a regional event because of geography, timing, or other commitments, you may be able to attend a live-streamed event.

Live-streamed events are a bit like our webinars, but longer at 3.5 hours. You can still create a certificate for VIT registration purposes. During the online session, there will be activities for you to complete alongside other CRTs from around Victoria, and you can chat to each other throughout the course (so you're not alone online for all of that time!). You will also have opportunities to ask questions of the presenter, who will answer you directly.

Added bonus: no one needs to know you're in your trackies and slippers whilst completing PD!

Both topics will be live streamed:
Supporting the Mental Health of Students 19 June 2017 - 4:30 until 8pm
Understanding ASD and Engaging Students 28 August 2017 - 4pm until 7:30pm

How to make live-streamed online PD work for you:

  • have a good, steady connection to the internet, and be on a device that will last 3.5 hours (charge your batteries!)
  • make sure you have time to finish the course (you can't pick up where you've left off)
  • keep notes of teaching/learning strategies that you find useful/inspirational
  • think about how you would use this in practice, or what might need to change before you can implement it
  • fill out the reflection activity at the end thoughtfully. The statements you make there will appear on your certificate of completion.