VIT registration – Provisional to full registration

VIT registration – Provisional to full registration

Presenter: Hannah Galloway
This online workshop was recorded on 9 May and is is 1 hour in duration.

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VIT registration – Provisional to full registration

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Due to an error with the certificate during the recording it is available at this link instead of at the end of the session

Course description:

This course helps provisionally registered teachers and those mentoring them understand VIT’s process of moving from provisional to (full) registration. This course will include the following information: the requirements of gaining full registration; strategies for completing these requirements as a CRT; the inquiry-based process for collecting evidence of practice and how CRTs can develop an appropriate inquiry question in their context; examples of how CRTs can collect evidence of practice; accessing resources for completing the process to move to (full) registration.

VIT PD registration requirements:
This on-demand recording of the online workshop can be used towards VIT registration requirements. After watching the 1 hour recording, you will be able to click on links allowing you to generate a certificate addressing the below Standards.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers addressed:

7.2 Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements