Collaborative Learning Strategies

Collaborative Learning Strategies

Presenter: Coby Beatson
This online workshop was recorded on 21 June and is is 3.5 hours in duration.

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Collaborative Learning Strategies

Course description: 

Collaborative learning (small group work) has a measurable effect on students learning outcomes. Research shows that working collaboratively is a required skill for our future learners. This course showcases a few different strategies that establish an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration in class and allows students to actively participate in negotiating roles, responsibilities and outcomes.
Participants will discover:
• Ways to establish ground rules about how groups operate;
• How to assign different roles within groups so that student take responsibility;
• The importance of differentiating learning by assigning group content based on student readiness;
• Ways to promote interaction by organising students in flexible groups.

Participants will have the opportunity to put into practise the techniques and strategies used to get the most out of their students when working collaboratively. This course addresses the Victorian DET’s High Impact Teaching Strategies document, with a specific focus on Strategy 5: Collaborative Learning.

VIT PD registration requirements:
This on-demand redcording of the online workshop can be used towards VIT registration requirements. After watching the 1 hour recording, you will be able to click on links allowing you to generate a certificate addressing the below Standards.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers addressed:

3.3 Use teaching strategies
4.1 Support student participation