The benefits of quality feedback (2)

The benefits of quality feedback

Presenter: Lori Pereira
This online workshop was recorded on 10 September and is is 1 hour in duration.

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The benefits of quality feedback

Course description: 

This course takes a step back to examine why feedback is important, and how the quality and timeliness of feedback affects the students’ opportunity to learn. We’ll look at the why, when and nature and quality feedback in this course. In addition, the characteristics of feedback that inhibits student growth with be examined so that we can avoid it in the future.

VIT PD registration requirements:
This on-demand redcording of the online workshop can be used towards VIT registration requirements. After watching the 1 hour recording, you will be able to click on links allowing you to generate a certificate addressing the below Standards.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers addressed:

5.2.2 Provide timely, effective and appropriate feedback to students about their achievement relative to their learning goals.