Engaging an EAL/D parent community

Engaging an EAL/D parent community

Presenter: Jane Wenlock
This online workshop was recorded on 31 October and is is 1 hour in duration.

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Engaging an EAL/D parent community

Course description: 

Parents who speak and read English as an additional language or dialect themselves often want to support their children at school but are unsure how to do so. This course looks at different ways that a teacher can set up programs to help engage students’ parents. This course is designed for participants with a long-term temporary position or are aspiring to that work.

VIT PD registration requirements:
This on-demand redcording of the online workshop can be used towards VIT registration requirements. After watching the 1 hour recording, you will be able to click on links allowing you to generate a certificate addressing the below Standards.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers addressed:

2.5.2 Apply knowledge and understanding of effective teaching strategies to support students’ literacy and numeracy achievement
3.7.2 Plan for appropriate and contextually relevant opportunities for parents/carers to be involved in their children’s learning.