This session will explore registration requirements for (fully) registered teachers and provisionally registered teachers and what you will need to provide to VIT if you are selected for a random audit. As a (fully) registered teacher, you make binding self-declarations about your maintenance of professional practice and containing suitability and fitness to teach each year when you renew your registration. To ensure the integrity of this process, we may randomly select you to verify your self-declarations.

If you are provisionally registered and submit an application for full registration, VIT may randomly select you for audit to verify you have met the requirements to move to (full) registration.

In this session we will explore the when, how and who of VIT audits and what you can do to ensure you have all the necessary documentation if you are selected for audit.

At the end of this session, you may want to consider the following questions:

•          Am I aware of my registration requirements?

•          Do I maintain clear records of my professional learning and teaching days?

•          Does my professional learning align with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers?

Author: Hannah Galloway

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